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Artificial Grass Installation Oxford

We were contacted by a customer who was looking to turn their old unloved garden into something that they would use everyday. This is why they contacted us to have some form of artificial grass installed at their home in Oxford.

The grass in their garden at the time had begun to ware away and had not been given the care and attention that it needed. After discussing with the customer, a decision was made on what type of artificial grass should be installed in to their oxford property.

Our specialists team of installers met with the client before hand and discussed thoroughly on how they wanted the garden to look before any work began so that they were completely happy with everything we were going to be offering them.

Artificial Grass Oxford
Artificial Grass Oxford Artificial Grass Oxford

As what was discussed with the client, a style of artificial grass was chosen to improve the look of the garden. They had many choices of artificial grass to choose from including: Buckingham, Bleheim as well as Bladon. We were able to offer their chosen choice at a competitive price compared to other artificial grass installers in Oxford.

At Faux Grass we pride ourselves in offering our clients long lasting and natural looking artificial grass throughout the surrounding areas of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes and Oxfordshire. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on all of our artificial grass installation services, and learn more about how we can help provide and install stunning products for your home or business.
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