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Artificial Grass Installation, Aylesbury
We were contacted by a couple in Aylesbury, near Oxford to install new artificial grass in the back garden as their natural grass had started to fade and wither away in areas, leaving patches of mud and dirt visible.

The clients required the artificial grass to cover the entire garden area to replace all of their natural grass, and needed the grass to have a firm texture as they wanted to be able to put furniture on the garden at a later date. The artificial grass also needed to have a natural look to anybody visiting to provide a more aesthetically pleasing result.

We met the client at their home in Aylesbury to discuss the new layout of the garden, the type of grass they required and also the time and date for the work to be carried out.

Artificial Grass Installation Aylesbury
Artificial Grass Installation Oxford Artificial Grass Installation Oxford Artificial Grass Installation Aylesbury Artificial Grass Installation Aylesbury
Our professional installers arrived at the property and installed the Bladon style artificial grass. This gave the clients the ideal surface to place their furniture on as the grass is more resilient than other types while still leaving the area looking as natural as possible.
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