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Artificial Grass Installation, Aylesbury
Our specialist team of artificial grass installers were contacted by a client who owns a property in Aylesbury, near Oxford, to replace their real grass with high quality artificial grass. Their garden had become a burden to maintain as the grass had started to wither in places, leaving mud patches across the area. The clients had become tired of trying to regrow their garden back to the state that it was originally in, and decided that it would be best to have artificial grass installed as it allows them to gain a lot of time for other activities due to the artificial grass's low maintenance.

Our team of professional installers were more than happy to provide our service to these clients, and after meeting with them to agree of a design for the layout of the garden, we decided on a time and date to carry out the project that would best fit in with the clients schedule.

Artificial Grass Installation Aylesbury
Artificial Grass Installation Aylesbury
For this installation, we used high quality, long lasting Buckingham style grass that not only provides a soft texture, but also gives the garden a beautiful aesthetic look and finish. The grass also provides high performance for the garden, which allows it to survive the test of time while not losing its texture or colouring.
Providing stunning artificial grass for clients in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, our friendly and professional team of installers provide reliable and trustworthy artificial grass installation services that meet your individual requirements. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on our work and find out how we can transform your garden area.
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